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Collaborate with energized, local entrepreneurs on Digital, Social and Traditional media products that inspire local participation, commerce and help communities
Make the Connection every day:

Community Clicks Media Group, featuring the power of our local, proven EXPERIENCE brand.


To become a nationally-recognized promotional engine for in-community information and commerce, helping towns, cities and regions across Canada to Make the Connection every day.


proven and financially rewarding


through community-based information and commerce


where your community comes together


Our team combines a unique mix of strategic technology and traditional media specialists, collaborating with local licensees to promote community marketing initiatives. We are passionate about providing a central communications business for every licensee and community within BC, and across Canada.


Our Community Clicks marketing strategy, under the local, proven EXPERIENCE brand, is available to local businesses, service organizations, and other local entities. 
Our integrated, interactive Web App includes a Social Media community hub, combined with our local online calendar and printed magazine. This media ‘group’ will enable all segments of the community to promote their activities and generate greater awareness around buying opportunities, charitable enterprises and local events.
Incentive and loyalty rewards, and online contests, are included to encourage local participation by residents, local visitors and tourists.

Community Clicks Media Group,
featuring the power of our local, proven EXPERIENCE brand.

We will rapidly build and deploy consistent EXPERIENCE community businesses in as many locales as possible to 2020, by acquiring existing, local print and/or Social Media outlets. We will continue to build a solid base of licensees and viable community businesses, both provincially and nationally.
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